The kitchen is more than a functional space – it’s a fundamental part of a home’s design, beauty and warmth. In a space that brings everyone together, the kitchen offers an opportunity to showcase your creativity. Does your kitchen reflect your unique style? Browse through some of the top luxury kitchen trends flawlessly executed for our clients by Dibico’s experts and get inspired to create your dream kitchen!

Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Luxury Kitchen Trends - Kitchen Island

As the kitchen has become even more popular as the space for social gatherings and entertainment, the kitchen island has moved center stage to not only serve multiple functions but to create harmony between aesthetics and lifestyle. The current trend in unattached counters includes largeness – with many big enough to accommodate seating for a large family. Along with being an additional dining area, the kitchen island can also add more storage space with incorporated shelves or cabinets. At the Dibico millworks, we meticulously craft our custom cabinetry to design islands that meet the unique needs of each family. An island can seamlessly integrate style and function with numerous built-in options, like a microwave, speed oven, beverage chiller or second sink, with a variety of complementary finishes and textures to choose from.

Ultra High-end Appliances

Luxury Kitchen Trends - High-end Appliances

When it comes to luxury kitchen trends, high-quality appliances are a must. With the purchase of a luxury appliance, you’re not only investing in the gorgeous aesthetics but also guaranteeing quality and efficiency. Today’s most prestigious and highly coveted appliance brands are creating something for every taste and style. Now, incorporating the latest in innovative features doesn’t mean you have to forgo a traditional look. The Chateau 150 from La Cornue, the custom french line, offers both a sophisticated look and eight range top configurations to meet any culinary need. For the ice cream and wine lovers – you’ll be impressed by Sub-Zero’s refrigeration and wine storage! From built-ins to under counter refrigeration, today’s most exclusive brands are providing a multitude of options to compliment any kitchen.

Mix & Match Color and Material Palettes

Luxury Kitchen Trends - Mix and Match Color Palettes

While the monochrome kitchen is still popular among luxury kitchen trends, there is a growing trend towards a two-tone color scheme, often with the use of mixed materials and metals – think warm tone wall cabinets, cool tone base cabinets and stainless steel appliances.  Stone or marble counters are complemented by handcrafted metallic or glass tile accents. More and more designers are incorporating multiple woods and other mixed natural and man-made materials, adding dimension and depth to any kitchen. Another great way to mix and match is to make your kitchen island a different material than the rest of your kitchen adding a little fun and whimsy or an elegant touch depending on your own personal style.

Feeling inspired? Whether you have lived in your home for several years or you just moved in, your kitchen space should reflect your lifestyle, your passions and suit your needs. At Dibico, our goal is to provide you with an extraordinary experience, whether building a new home, creating the magnificent kitchen of your dreams like the ones here, or managing your home to ensure you and your family can enjoy your luxury or custom home for years to come. With almost thirty years of world-class custom building experience, we bring an unmatched level of expertise and quality to every project. Contact us to inquire about your kitchen renovation!