Just like any other valuable asset, your home needs to be managed. The upkeep of a home can determine your home’s value as well as prevent expensive emergency repairs. In addition, it offers you the resources needed when inspiration strikes and gives you the one thing you can’t buy – time. Before you make a decision about a home management program, and especially if you weren’t contemplating getting one, we invite you to consider the advantages of investing in Dibico’s Home Maintenance Program.

Financial Benefits

Not only is it important to protect the current value of your home, but also to position your home for maximum return and marketability for the future. Managing your home well can add an additional 2% annually to its’ value. For most Dibico clients, that equates to several hundred thousand dollars a year – on average, ten times return on their investment in their home care. With routine home maintenance, you add significant value by addressing any issues early on. With the majority of home buyers looking for a home that needs minimal repairs and renovations… yours will be move-in ready!


Our scheduled home management ensures that you no longer have to spend your valuable time thinking about repairing a door or finding the right plumber. We believe that your home should be a place of relaxation and a reward for your hard work, not a chore waiting to be done. We make sure your pool is ready for summer, your garage is ready for winter and we can even have food waiting in the fridge for you when you return from vacation. We take care of the small things, the big things, and everything in between – while you relax with your family and enjoy your home.


With the East coast still reeling from the series of snowstorms and gale force winds that sent homeowners from Greenwich to Pound Ridge running to the closest hotel, mother nature reminded us of the importance of being emergency ready. Home management ensures your family and home are protected when disaster strikes. Having a working generator, keeping dangerous branches and trees at bay and maintaining drainage are just part of the prep required to keep your multi-million-dollar home both safe and usable.


The cost of not properly managing your home in the long term can cause expensive and often critical repairs that result in a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars, all because of something as little as a leak gone unresolved. Take mold for example – left unchecked, it can result in immensely expensive repairs, as well as serious health issues, especially for people already suffering from allergies or asthma. With regular home management, issues are identified immediately, which in turn prevents you from paying for expensive emergency repairs. In the long run, investing in a home management program can end up saving you considerably more money on repair costs than what you’re paying for the program.


Home management allows your home to evolve along with your needs and your lifestyle. You’re invited to dream big and act when inspiration strikes – whether it be the addition of a “man-cave” or “she-shed,” the transformation of a classic kitchen into a high-tech chef’s dream or finally commissioning the pool house you’ve been talking about. Home management helps you turn your vision into a reality and guarantees your house is ready for every season.

Dibico Home Management is living made easy for the high-end homeowner in Greenwich and Westchester and coming soon to the Hamptons and Florida! Make an appointment to have one of our home management experts visit your home to review our Home Management package options with you. To schedule an appointment today, call (844) 434-2426 or email us at info@dibicoinc.com.