Finding the Best Home Improvement in Fairfield County

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Home improvement is an integral part owning a home. Budgeting for projects and deciding which item takes priority, however, can be a difficult task. But, as many homeowners have discovered, the real challenge to a successful home improvement lies in planning and executing the project to perfection.

In the age of DIY tutorials and videos, some homeowners prefer to tackle home improvement themselves. These videos often offer mixed results, however, so most still prefer to rely upon experienced contractors for their home improvement projects.

Hiring a home improvement contractor offers a confidence and convenience that is often lacking in self-completed home renovations. A service provider can be immeasurably helpful, but the success of your project depends on the contractor you choose. Fairfield County is home to several home improvement firms, so how can you find the perfect fit for your project?

To make sure you get the home you’ve been waiting for, use this article for help in finding the best home improvement in Fairfield County.

1. Verify your contractor’s legitimacy

In the state of Connecticut, all individuals and companies that perform home improvements must be licensed through the state’s Department of Consumer Protection. You can use Connecticut’s website to verify licenses and check for past legal trouble involving their work. The Connecticut Home Improvement Act also requires contractors to display their registration number on all of their advertising. This includes all ads, business cards, and vehicle advertising, so look for contractors who follow this requirement.

2. Compare contractors

Compare Contractors_DibicoWhen finding the best home improvement in Fairfield County, you’ll discover dozens of contractors who operate in the area. Like any other service, each contractor has their own methods, prices, and quality of work. To find the best fit for your project, look for service providers that have been in business for several years, have extensive experience with similar projects, and are recommended by past clients. Once you’ve narrowed your selection, meet with the contractors to get project estimates. While price is an important factor, don’t let it be your deciding factor. Your contractor’s experience, quality, and ability to deliver should always come first.

3. Do your part

The best way to make sure that you will be satisfied with the result of your home improvement is to stay actively involved. There are several legal requirements for home improvement in Fairfield County, so stay on top of your project. With every project, you should be aware of the following:

  • You must have a written, signed, and dated contract with your contractor to legally proceed with your project. There are several specific requirements for a contract to be legally valid, so make sure your contract includes them all. Your contract should be completed and signed before construction begins.
  • You may need a building permit for your project. Decide in the contract who — you or your contractor — is responsible for acquiring the necessary permits and make sure you have them before the project begins.
  • Stay in continual communication about your expectations and objectives through every stage of your home improvement. This is your home, money, and project, so work with your service provider to avoid miscommunications or other issues.

4. Create a positive experience

Create a positive experience_DibicoAs your contractor works on your home, do your best to make it a positive experience. Be easy to work with. Stay available for meetings, make decisions quickly, and do your best to accommodate your contractor’s needs. Your project will inevitably experience hiccups and delays, many of which are not your contractor’s fault. Rather than getting upset, do your best to plan for these scenarios at the beginning. Treat the crew with respect, don’t over-manage, and be courteous and reasonable. The better your relationship with your service provider, the better your results will be.

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