home maintenance checklist

Home Maintenance Checklist

The Only Home Maintenance Tips You Will Ever Need

You know that feeling when you first arrive in your hotel suite? The bed is made up taut and smooth, the mini-bar is fully stocked with enticing beverages and snacks, the carpet and linens are immaculate and dust free, desktops and windows glossy, and an Andes mint tucked atop your freshly ironed pillowcase. With Dibico, we want to give you that same feeling every time you are in your home, whether it is a primary, secondary or vacation residence.  So that when you arrive, either for the season or after a hard day’s work, all you have to think about is what you want to do… not what you need to do.  The need-to-dos have all been taken care of beforehand, by our expert staff of professionals.  In over 50 years our family owned company has grown from a small furniture shop to a comprehensive full-service home maintenance and development operation, attending to every detail a discerning homeowner could possibly imagine.  Our checklist goes beyond superficial housekeeping measures to attend to the minutiae of homeownership- not only pertaining to cleanliness and appearance, but the fundamental maintenance operations that keep your home safe, beautiful and worry-free.



*Test smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and ground-fault circuit interrupters.

*Inspect electrical cords and wiring for wear or defect.

*Clean and maintain air vents and heat registers.

*Clean furnace filter to remove inevitable dust build-ups.

*Pest-control and prevention, including extermination.

*Smart home technology and connectivity tested and updated.



*Clean faucet aerator and showerheads to remove build-up and/or mineral deposits.

*Inspect tub and sink drains to guarantee seamless drainage.

*Flush out hot water from the water heater to remove accumulated sediment.

*Sanitize and clear sink garbage disposals.



*Clean all windows and treatments.  

*Light fixtures cleaned and bulbs tested.

*HVAC filter and line maintenance and cleaning.

*Vacuum and dust all surfaces.

*Carpet and rug cleaning.

*Cobweb and dust-bunny removal.

*Locks and hinges oiled.

*Indoor plant maintenance and care.



*Lawncare, including fertilizing, mowing and invasive weed removal.

*Plant selection and planting determined by growth zones, sunlight exposure and personal preference.


*Soil maintenance (proper alkaline/acid balance).

*Irrigation and sprinkler systems tested and adjusted.

*Exterior lighting tested and repositioned when necessary.


SEASONAL   In addition to year-round maintenance, we focus seasonally on certain tasks that require specific attention at certain times of the year.



*Snow removal and de-icing. 

*Turn off water to outdoor fixtures where necessary, detach and store hosing and equipment.

*Winterize windows, and central air conditioning, and inspect replace weather-stripping and sealants.

*De-icing of hose bibs and gutters.

*Tree pruning.



*Landscaping maintenance, including branch removal and pruning, deadheading, reseeding lawn and turf, planting, fertilizing, cut-back, and replenishing and replacing any dead flora.

*Gutters cleared and repaired when necessary.

*Inspect and repair any winter damage, both to living (plants and trees) and non-living (sprinkler systems, outdoor lighting, security cameras, etc.).



*Schedule and execute exterior weather-sensitive projects such as painting or renovation.

*Pool maintenance: pool draining and cleaning, chlorine-testing and balancing, removal and storage of protective covers

*Lawn and garden care and maintenance, including regular watering, weeding, planting and mowing. 



*Leaf removal.

*Gutters cleared.  

*Installation of storm doors or windows and weatherization.


Dibico assigns a Personal Project Manager to your account as soon as our relationship begins, so you will always have a personalized point of contact to handle all the details of coordinating and scheduling service appointments and maintenance visits.  If ever something goes awry, you change your mind, or additional service is required, one call and we’ve got your back.  Your happiness in your home is as important to us as it is to you.  At Dibico, we go to every length to ensure our performance achieves that goal.