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Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Room

If you have ever shopped for paint, you know there are hundreds of different shades and options for every color. If you want white walls, for example, you can choose from White Cloud, White Dove, Dove Wing, Timid White, Crisp Linen, Bavarian Cream, and Crème Fraiche — and those are just options from Benjamin Moore & Co. When the possibilities include the entire palette of colors and other brands of paint, the choices become nearly overwhelming.

If you want an easy solution, you can follow the example set by the owners of this house and choose EVERY color. But, unless you run a daycare or really don’t care, that’s probably not the best idea.

Instead, use the tips below to choose the right paint color for your room.

Choosing a Mood

As you consider your options, the first question you should ask yourself is this: What mood do I want to evoke in this room?

Do you want a space that encourages relaxation or one that creates a burst of energy when you walk into the room?

To find the right paint colors to match the desired mood, use our cheat sheet below. This photo shows one of our client’s rooms, which we edited to show the different moods color can evoke. Take a look at each photo and compare what you feel from each room. Which color scheme and mood do you prefer?

Formality and Elegance: Deep blue-green colors and light, neutral colors

Intimacy and Drama: Dark, strong colors (deep reds & deep purples)

Peace and Serenity: Neutral colors and soft, cool colors; pastels (light blue, light green, white)

Sociability and Energy: Contrasting, warm, and bright colors (red, orange, yellow)

It’s not a perfect science, but some psychological studies have shown colors incite the following feelings and physiological responses:

Red: Energy and excitement. Very strong physical color that can raise your heart rate.

Orange: Warmth and passion. Focuses mind on comfort and security, also adds energy.

Yellow: Optimism and friendliness. Very strong emotional color that can lift confidence and mood.

Green: Harmony and peace. A reassuring color that promotes balance. Deep darker greens will help you feel more grounded, while lighter, pastel-colored greens can feel revitalizing.

Blue: Calm and soothing. Affects the mind unlike the physical reaction to red; relaxes the mind and aids in concentration.

Violet: Spirituality and luxury. A color that can bring about introspection, often communicates a strong quality of life and abundance.

Black: Sophistication and heaviness. A very serious color that can bring feelings of security, black conveys power as well; it is best used as an accent color in an office or workplace.

White: Purity and simplicity. A very clean color that can improve your perception of the room.

Brown: Reliability and support. Mostly has elements of red, yellow, and black, but encourages a feeling of support, as brown is an earth tone and can promote feeling grounded.

Finding the Right Color Combination

Before choosing any specific color, make sure you know what furniture or fabric you are going to use for that room.  There’s nothing worse than finding that “Spring Meadow Green” is the perfect color for the living room you are remodeling, just to discover that you can’t find any furniture or fixings to match it.

When you select color combinations for your rooms, a color wheel like this one may help. Colors on the opposite ends of the wheel are complementary colors, which produce the most intense, contrasting result.

As you consider your options, test color combinations that you might not usually choose. You never know what will work until you try.

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What Type of Fireplace is Best

You would be hard-pressed to find a home without a fireplace…..

There’s something comforting, welcoming, and well, warm about the ambiance a fireplace creates in your home.  What kind of fireplace is the best, though? Well, it depends on what matters to you.  Which one of the following sounds most like something that you might say about a fireplace?

“It’s got to be authentic”

Hiking miles through the woods dragging freshly cut lumber (or more likely picking up pre-packaged logs on the way home from work) is no problem for you, as long as it means you’ll be soon sitting next to a real, crackling, wood-burning fire. You keep a stack of newspapers for kindling and a lighter on the mantle. You are proud of that delightful wood fire smell.

Typically found in a wall-mounted setup, the wood-burning fireplace has been a standard in home design for years. Some argue that nothing can beat a real wood fire. The authentic route definitely has downsides, namely the ash and residue left over in the fireplace and flue, the process of manually lighting the fire, as well as the effort to continually buy firewood.

*Dibico Living Made Easy Tip: Before lighting a fire in a wood-burning fireplace, you should light and hold up a match to the damper. This will warm the flue in order to help start the draft of smoke up through the chimney.

“As long as it’s easy to use”

Maybe you’ll want a fire later tonight, but you aren’t sure. You’ll probably only want it for a few minutes anyway. As long as you don’t have to waste too much time getting the fire going or stopping it, you are happy. But if you have to clean ashes and soot, then it’s safe to say you will be choosing a bump up on the thermostat instead of making a fire.

If you want a fire that’s easy to light and easy to clean, then an electric or gas fireplace is right for you. These fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes and are extremely easy to use. In many cases, however, these fireplaces do not produce nearly the same amount of heat as a wood fire. Some also think that the experience isn’t the same without the crackle of real logs. These fireplaces tend to have more modern and sleek designs.

“It should be efficient”

You believe that a fire should do what it’s always been used for, efficient heating. It seems pointless to have a fireplace if all you do is look at it. If that’s all you needed it for, then you would just buy a 4K-resolution television and play a video of a fire with full surround sound. You want the fire to be clean and easy to maintain, but also provide warmth.

We often receive requests from clients wanting to better insulate their homes, especially during winter. Winterizing doors and better sealing the home can do this, but most people don’t realize how much warm air from inside is sucked out through the fireplace and out the chimney. Some people forget to close the flue after using their fireplace, leaving a gaping hole that no amount of insulated windows and doors could compensate for. Even if you close the flue, most (if not all) gas fireplaces have a stopper keeping the flue slightly open in order to prevent gas from leaking into your home. Although a safety necessity, lots of warm air is lost this way, driving up the heating costs of your home.

A new type of fireplace alleviates most of these problems. Bioethanol burners emit only heat and a little water vapor, no smoke or harmful compounds. This means that you don’t even need a flue or chimney. Since these burners tend to be self-containing, they don’t have any gas lines or cables and can be installed in a variety of places around your home. Since they don’t need to vent outside, the heat can stay inside your home.

“I want something unique”

I want something that no one else has. I want something new and exciting and useful too! If this sounds like you, then I recommend taking a look at radiant fireplaces, which are also known as masonry heaters. These fireplaces burn at extremely high temperatures and self-circulate the heat at such high temperatures that all pollutants are burned off. These hot gases circulate to heat up the walls of the fireplace, slowly being released over the course of a day. You only light the fireplace once in a day and it’ll heat the room for the entire day.

This design has been around for thousands of years, and existed in some form in most northern cultures, but remain relatively unknown in the United States. They are efficient with wood use and the outside never becomes too hot to touch. Some even come with attachments to cook food like pizza in it! The negatives would be the fact that you need to buy extremely dry firewood for it and it takes up much more room than some gas or electric fireplaces.

“But I already have a fireplace”

Why am I reading about different fireplaces if I already have one?

If this is you, then I do have a reason that your time reading this was still well spent. There are fireplaces that can be installed directly into your existing fireplace, if you are looking for something new. Aptly named “inserts” you can find one that matches any of your needs. There are wood-burning inserts that connect directly to the flue and chimney you already have at home and gas/electric ones that can either vent through the flue or remain without a vent. These fireplace inserts tend to be much more efficient than original in-wall fireplaces.

In each home that Dibico has built, we have worked with our clients to find the fireplace that perfectly matches their needs. If you would like to renovate, make an addition, or build a new home, contact us at and we will help you every step of the way, including advice on exactly what model of fireplace you should get. Whatever fireplace you have or choose to get, remember to check if the flue is open if you have a vented fireplace before lighting a fire. Also, don’t forget to close the flue when you are finished.

For fireplace designs and ideas, check out our Pinterest board about all sorts of fireplaces that we liked.

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Dibico Home Maintenance is living made easy.

We do everything from changing light bulbs to clearing gutters & downspouts. All you have to do is ask.

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