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What Type of Fireplace is Best

There’s something comforting, welcoming, and well, warm about the ambiance a fireplace creates in your home. What kind of fireplace is the best, though?

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Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Room_Dibico

Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Room

If you have ever shopped for paint, you know there are hundreds of different shades

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How can I keep my home safe when I go on vacation?

A majority of home burglaries take place in the summer months when people tend to go on vacation.

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Ty Louis Campbell_Dibico

Who is Ty Louis Campbell?

For this post, we're taking a little break from discussing homes. Instead, we want to talk about

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Achieving the Best Rainwater Drainage_Dibico

Achieving the Best Rainwater Drainage

It's finally spring! Out with the snow, in with the rain. How much rain?

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Creating Your Outdoor Kitchen_Dibico

Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Ah, summer. The season of sunshine, swimming, and outdoor barbecues. As this season quickly approaches, are you...

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How to Design Your Bathroom in 5 Easy Steps

Creating a bathroom – or any room in your home for that matter – is exciting...

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Six Home Maintenance Spring Tips

April is here! Longer and warmer days are just around the corner. Time to start getting out of the house again from the…

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Benefits of Regular Home Maintenance

While it can be fun to joke about your “honey-do-list,” homes require a seemingly

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